Choosing Wisely (or trying to)

Some choices can be easy: chocolate or licorice; baseball or hockey; Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. (Obviously, it’s the first option in all of those scenarios.) Others choices are not as easy: stay up late and finish a book or go to bed at a reasonable hour and get a good night’s sleep; scrounge around to find something to make for dinner at home or order a pizza; let’s be honest, sometimes it comes down to doing the right thing or doing the easy thing.

My parents used cloth diapers on me as a baby. Holy Cow. I don’t have much experience with diapers, but those experiences I have had make it seem like cloth would be a huge mess—possibly enough of a mess to sway people from using reusable. I’m sure they were a mess (sorry/thanks Mom and Dad!!), but still, my parents chose to do things the reusable-way; it was worth the mess at home to keep the mess (aka, more plastics) from getting into landfills.

It’s those “cloth-diaper” choices that help me to put things into perspective when it seems like I could have made things easier on myself. For instance, by using ceramic dishes and “real” glasses instead of disposable ones when I eat or entertain friends, I’m choosing to wash more dishes, but I’m also choosing to reduce single-use products. My choice.

By washing instead of throwing away, or by making instead of buying, I am more invested in the product because I’ve been involved with the process. Through this process, I also have been trying new things (like the Millet Muffins in this post’s picture, yum!) because I want to use what I have at home. I want to take ownership of feeding myself and others close to me. My choice.

It’s messier, but to me, so worth it.


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